Grand Gin Rummy Customer Reviews:



Love this game!! Love the graphics and theme.


I am so addicted to this game.

Great Game


Fun, always an opponent.

Occassionally lose games due to communication issues beyond my control. Lately, i lose, but points are not deducted when it seems like comm issues caused failure. How does it know?

Very aggravating at times

I get mad win I lose, lol! I trying collecting chips but its very hard. I just can't stop playing!



Everything great with playing the game except the crashes in middle of hands, which happens frequently since the tournament upgrade.. Please fix the bug


Very entertaining

Solving problems in the game

Contacted customer service over a few issues and got back to me in due time (couple days is understandable). Fixed my issues and refunded me all that I bought or gave me additional chips on top of what I paid for. Thank you!

Not what I was looking for

Was not looking for a online rummy game, was looking for a casual rummy game against various difficulty computer players. Probably not a bad game, just not what I was hoping to find.

Great game

I love card game this is really great there is different levels and you can choose how much to pay for



...too many kinks

The game is fun; however, need to work on crashes and chip purchases. I have bought chips on two separate occasions, but never received them. Although, my bank account was immediately debited. Also, the app crashes on a regular basis causing me to lose chips without the benefit of playing the game. I've contacted the support team, but have yet to hear from them. Will be uninstalling the app.


Love it

Lost all my cips

I logged into my fb to get free chips but later on when I opened the app to play, I find all my chips has been emptied and i am left with 0chips. This is very unfair. Pls do something as I need chips to play. Thanks!

Tournament needs work

Really liked the game at first but the tournament is robbery. I have tried to play it four times. The first time it shut me out of games 1&2. The second time & 4th it kept pausing& getting stuck& kicked me out of the game saying that I timed out to many times. The 3rd time it would not let me throw a card out. No longer love this game. I worked to hard for my coins just to give them away.


I absolutely love this game


Fun game!

Gin rummy

It's very odd that my opponent picks up one card and has Gin Rummy three times in a row. Maybe something happening? Cheating?

Love it!

I just wish you don't have to wait long to refill. That's the ONLY thing.

Fun game but sometimes freezes up

See above

Great game!

Love this version

I like the game but I will disc out a card and then nothing happens and it will tell me that i forfeit my game because I didn't disc a card and I'll lose the game and lose my money

Great game

Well designed and quite addictive.

Very slow. Can't arrange cards how you prefer. Screen HAS to be vertical.


Fun game I like it a lot. It just keeps stopping.

Update made it no good

I liked this game until the latest update. It now randomly allows my screen to shut down and becomes totally unresponsive after coming back to life. Didnt have this problem before the update, and now its happened twice in a row out of two games. Glad it was practice mode and not coin. Found a way to fix it while reducing frustration. Uninstalled.

Cool game

Great game to play and adictive

Totally rigged!

Did not load

Blacks out

Disconnect in middle of a game about five times now. You lose the game even if you try to reconnect. Kind of Sucks.


New bug

Fix bug on new upgrade. ...keep crashing in middle of tournament hand..

Loved it


Once you get how to play it then you never gonna leave it

Great Gin Rummy Game!

I love playing this version & the emoji faces are great.

Nice time passer

Grand gin rummy

Love it

Easy and fun

Bad update

Newest update randomly freezes screen during matches. Becomes unresponsive.